GTAssociates – Destination Management Company Representation

What we did was quite straightforward – however, we have semi-retired in favour of charity work and no longer represent any DMC. However, we remain open to interesting consultancy projects. Our website remains solely to showcase how we worked.

There have been changes with our former partners. Pawel Jurzak, ex head of Poland Concept now owns Creative Poland, and Gaye Ertan founding partner of her previous DMC has parted from her two partners and created Galif DMC turkey,

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Charity online auction – Big social cause: small ask!

Contact the Elderly Charity online auction

A big social cause and a small ask. The big cause is reducing loneliness & isolation amongst the elderly

Our small ask is your support for an on-line charity auction. (See auction items link below.) We volunteer for Contact the Elderly ( & provide monthly Sunday tea parties for the elderly. This via a network of volunteer hosts & volunteer drivers

Details of Auction Items – Contact the Elderly

Important Information regarding auction – Contact the Elderly

High on our tea party guests wish list is to visit the seaside once more; many have not been for over twenty years. This is what we are raising money for – a

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Wow Warsaw with Magnificent Mazury!

Mikolajki, Mazury Lake

Connect Warsaw to hundreds of miles of waterway!! All you need is a car rally to the Masurian region and a whole wonderful water world opens up.

Not just a lake or two, but thousands, all connected by a network of rivers and canals. Paradise for sailors & canoeists alike and heaven for nature lovers. Masuria’s plains are home to the last European bison and special grass for bison grass vodka.

 The District has been elected as one of the 28 Finalists of the New7Wonders of Nature

Simply download the PDF files below to view a sample programme for Warsaw twinned with Mazury.

Warsaw and Mazury Poland


Save a DOUBLOON or two!

albamy Germany Exhibition

While Christmas is a time of spending at GTA our thoughts have turned to one of albamy DMC’s services that may save you a doubloon or two on your next German exhibition design and build.

Is creating and managing the build of a stand or exhibition booth in the UK always the best solution for overseas exhibitions!!!

Maybe not – especially in Germany where our creative German DMC, albamy, can do it all in Germany.

Check out the case study of Holiday Pirates by simply downloading the PDF below

albamy_Case Study_Stand building_Germany_Tradeshows

albamy_Case Study_Stand building_Pictures Germany

Pulling A Cork On Cyprus Wineries

Wine Routes Cyprus

Wine has long been a good meal’s best companion.

But for how long and when did the magic of wine begin?

Jesus was said to have turned water into wine, but that was only 2,000 years ago!

Greek legends say Dionysus created wine first, but when and where.

Modern Turkey holds the first written records of wine – going back a good few thousand years before Christ, and, modern wine grapes can be genetically traced back to Turkish grapes.

Wines’ journey can be traced from Turkey into the Eastern Mediterranean and islands and onto mainland Europe.

And, as I discovered while in India this May, wineries have not only reached India, India now produces superb red wines.

Cyprus was

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Scintillating Sicily – the rewarding incentive travel island!

Beach-Destination Management Company-DMC-Harbour-Incentive Travel-Sea-Sicily-Team Building-Welcome Italy

Sicily – a colourful cultured land with culture borne of diversity, sea and sunshine.

Sicily where soulful dark eyed women, redheads and blond blue eyed men are the inheritance of races from across Africa, Eastern Mediterranean and the Vikings.

Modern Sicily inherits so much more than looks – cuisine, monuments, architecture and more.

We sizzled in scintillating Sicily while testing the beaches, hotels and food.

Our conclusion – Sicily is superb for chilling out and getting laid back or active on travel incentives. And Sicilian wine tastes so much better in Sicily.

“Sicily is still a place where doing nothing is still not seen as a waste of time” (Selleria)

But of course there is so much to

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We support Contact The Elderly Charity – A lifeline of friendship!

Bromsgrove-Charity-Community-Corporate Social Responsibility-CSR-Friends-News-Redditch  - Stuck at Home Alone!

Choosing a charity for our business to support took time – there are so many.

Whatever we chose our priorities were personal involvement and making a difference in our “home” community. In Contact The Elderly we found the perfect fit.

So what do we do – in short we put smiles on the faces of lonely, isolated, elderly while reconnecting them with the local community.

And we do it by organising monthly Sunday tea parties for elderly guests using a network of volunteer drivers and volunteer tea party hosts.

As the group coordinator for Redditch & Bromsgrove we find lonely elderly guests, volunteer hosts, volunteer drivers and manage the monthly tea

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Bhutan is Gross?!?!


Bhutan is Gross!!! Gross is normally an insult, but in this land of Gross National Happiness (GNH) Gross is Great.

Bhutan celebrates happiness, wellbeing and their beautifully unspoilt natural environment. Come to Bhutan and celebrate their culture and feel the difference between.

For travel incentives looking for simple luxury and style amongst epic scenery, and something different, check out Bhutan.

We just loved the hotels highlighted  – modern, simple, spacious and built to blend with both the past and environment.

Check out our sample programme by clicking the link below

Bhutan Incentive Programme

Where else but India!

India Mumbai

Where else, in one incentive, can you combine cosmopolitan excess, with people revered as modern gods, ancient arts to enrich body & soul and magnificent scenery with all alongside the world’s third largest slum (a slum that turns over US$1 Billion a year?

And…add to that magnificent hotels with first class service and food to die for.

Fly to Mumbai and enjoy Mumbai and Shillim

Check out the programme below!!

Mumbai & Shillim, India

Experience Mumbai & Shillim along with Tappas MICE DMC’s superb service.

Munich is Marvellous – Made for MICE in all seasons!

Munich Germany

A city of 5 Seasons and 0-60 in 2.5 seconds.

Did you know that locals claim Munich has 5 seasons – Starkbierzei is the fifth. A two week season for the strong beer festival.

0-60 in 2.5 seconds is not an experience you will try during Starkbierzei. Why – because you will be driving Tesla’s most powerful car while enjoying Bavaria’s Alps, rivers and more.

But, why escape this city.

Art, culture, nightlife abound and there is fine food from Michelin starred or listed restaurants or equally tasty Bavarian classics such as their famous white sausages. And to wash your food down – beer from one of Munich’s six international breweries as well as notable Bavarian dry whites

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Votre DMC en Suisse


“From the terrace of the cathedral, I saw the lake above the roofs, the mountains above the lake, the clouds above the mountains, and the stars above the clouds. It was like a staircase where my thoughts climbed up step by step and broadened at each new height.” Victor Hugo

Welcome Swiss in cooperation with Lausanne Tourism, presents a special new incentive experience

Simply download the pdf file below to view

Lausanne Switzerland

Somewhere different!! Somewhere exciting!! Where We Have Not Been!! Within 4 Hours of UK!!

Destination Management Company-Event-Poland Concept DMC-Incentive Travel-Corporate-Conference-City-Coast-Meeting-Mountain-River-Lake-Fine Dining-Cuisine-Special Offer

Sound familiar???

Oh, and it must fit the brief and we are on a budget for this conference/incentive…………

And even more familiar.

Well there is an answer.

And you can choose from capital city, coast, mountain, river or lakeside. Throw in a few castles, a legendary dragon, a city appearing to float on water, six modern convention centres, superb dining experiences and a raft of activities.

All this in Europe’s fifth most prosperous country and probably not yet on your event radar.

Click the link to discover where and how our DMC can make your events even more cost effective.


We are talking Poland and Poland Concept.

In addition to having one

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Moscow & St Petersburg, where your events can be Absolutely Faberge!

Destination Management Company-DMC-Russian Fairytale-Russia-Incentive Travel-Team Building-Conference-Corporate-Meeting-Event-Fine Dining-Cuisine

Russia an incentive travel destination where your events can be Absolutely Faberge and your corporate meetings memorable.

With Russian Fairytale DMC and Russia you can “do different” absolutely superbly.

Simply download the PDF file below to view some of Russian Fairytale DMC’s unique conference and incentive ideas.

Russian Fairytale presents …….