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Why Spain?

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Spain and MICE go together like sugar and spice but it is worth recognising that Spain and MICE are much more than Barcelona.

In addition to the country’s main destinations – Barcelona,  Madrid and Marbella/Costa Del Sol – Spain has many other uniquely attractive destinations such as Bilbao, Canary Islands, Malaga, Seville and more.

Spain is one of the world’s most sought-after international meeting and congress destinations – and Spain’s popularity is still increasing – with an ever increasing number of destinations Spain’s appeal is destined to increase.

The Balearics

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View our featured destinations.

Why The Balearic Islands?


Five sister islands close together. Five different historical influences. Five different experiences – Spain but not Spain. The Balearic Islands are an ideal destination for your Incentive, Meeting or Corporate Event as each Island offers an idyllic location and the infrastructure is well prepared to cater for Events.

All five islands have breathtaking beaches, stunning scenery and a wide variety of activities for Event groups to enjoy while at the same time each island may provide a very different experience.

Fine dining with great service and hotel/conference facilities to match mean that The Balearics are a truly great place for

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Why Malta?


Meet in Malta for your Meetings, Incentives Conferences and other Events and discover why this mighty but small island has so influenced many Mediterranean cultures.

Malta will Mark your Event with success from arrival to departure. Small is both big and beautiful in Maltese Events as you are never far from where you wish to be. If your Event requires a Convention Centre for a 1,000 delegates, 3 or 4 hotels for accommodation AND everyone within a few minutes’ walk then look no further than Malta’s main island.

Malta is essentially two Islands, the Islands of Malta and Gozo and

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Why India & Sri Lanka?

Destination Management Company-DMC-Incentive Travel-Team Building-Delhi-India

“India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend and the great great grandmother of tradition. Our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only.” (Mark Twain)

India is this and more. India is made for MICE experiences be they incentive travel or corporate conferences.

“The finest island of its size in the world” – (Marco Polo)

Sri Lanka – This is the island to visit in a lifetime” (Marco Polo)

For once in a lifetime travel incentive experiences reward your top

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Why Turkey?


Tantalise your senses in Turkey’s two continents! Meet in Istanbul where Europe and Asia become one vibrant exotic mix of cultures, colour, tastes and scents. Alternatively experience the magic of Cappadocia 5* “cave” hotels set in wild lunar landscapes or try the sea air in Antalya.

Turkey a land of differences with a common theme – hosting all that is the best in Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events – with a host DMC, g2o, to add that special DIFFERENCE.

Turkey provides an endless variety of venues, hotels and activities from waterside to inland and above ground to underground all set

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Why Italy?

venice italy

Italy provides Monuments, Inspiration, Culture and Elegance – Italy is truly a MICE destination with excellent conference facilities and venues to match its beautiful landscapes and romantic cities.

Arts Archaeology Assisi Amalfi Carnival Culture Chianti Colours coffee Dante Design Elegance Ferrari Fellini Fashion Football Firenze History Holidays Hospitality Leonardo Lemon Michelangelo Matera Music Mecenate Napoli Opera Pasta Pizza Roma Romantic Ravello Sea Siena Sistine Chapel Taormina University Vatican Villa Adriana Venice Wine

Integrate your sales and marketing staff and customers in Conferences Impress clients with Corporate Event entertaining Incentivise employees with rewarding experiences Introduce your product launches with Italian flair

Italy will Inspire

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Why Switzerland?

Lausanne Switzerland

The Golden Rose, Locarno Film Festival,  White Gold, Montreux International Jazz Festival, White Turf and lakes and mountains, castles, source of the Rhine, spectacular summer scenery – Switzerland So Suitable for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events in all seasons.

And of course, chocolate, watches, winter sports and that famous Swiss efficiency which means your Events in Switzerland run smoothly.

Is there is more to Switzerland than your realise!!!!

White Turf – a unique February horse race meeting and epic cross country ski race where men are pulled by horses over the snow and ice.

White Gold -  Switzerland’s salt mines –

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Why Cyprus

Limassol Cyprus

Cyprus, a marriage of European culture and ancient enchantment blessed by Greece’s legendary Gods and watched over by Aphrodite. Cyprus a magic island where you sense the suspension of time but your Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events run to time.

Cyprus an alluring world of beaches and fragrant mountain peaks, vineyards studded with olive trees, citrus groves and old stone villages where sweet wine flows as freely as conversations at the local café and ancient ruins stir the imagination.

An island of dreams, a place to escape but supported by modern hotels and Meetings facilities with an infrastructure and “new” 

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Why Greece

halkidiki Greece

Greece- Land of Islands, Legends, Gods and Heroes. An Epic destination for your next Meeting, Incentive, Conference or Event.

Greece and the Greeks’ cultural contribution be it to literature, art, fabled mythology, science, medicine or just finding out what is just over the sea’s next horizon has been amazing. Lift your horizons and come to Greece for your next Event and be amazed!!

Within Greece or its Islands you can immerse yourself in warm waters and myths, escape to near seclusion, meet and confer in comfort and entertain and reward effortlessly.

Greece is a storyteller’s land blessed with the Mediterranean

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Why Portugal?


Portugal packs a MICE punch way above its size and is a great destination for Meetings, Incentives and Conferences.

Birthplace of great explorers and great to explore – few destinations provide foreign visitors a warmer welcome or provide a safer stay. 

A land of rich history, picturesque villages, tradition, celebration and famous for seafood, wine, Port and much more. 

Portugal offers many shades of green – from Madeira’s verdant green clad mountainous slopes and the Douro valley hillsides to Portugal’s eco-friendly green credentials (officially one of the world’s most pollution free countries).

Experience Portugal’s fun packed festivals and fairs, from saints’ feast

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Why Poland?

Destination Management Company-DMC-Incentive Travel-Team Building-Warsaw-Poland

“Have you explored Poland for your events yet?”

If not, why not?!?!

Poland is Europe’s 5th largest economy, very accessible, low cost and bursting with cutting edge facilities, event options and picturesque locations in both city and countryside.


Poland is Europe’s best recent example of economic zero to economic hero. So if your corporate conference theme is related to success, growth, ambition or motivation why not take your event to a successful and motivated country. Many companies and associations have already seen the benefit of holding an event in a country that reflects their successes/development.

Events as varied as large medical conferences, financial meetings,

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Why Germany?

gtassociates Berlin

From Baltic beaches to Berlin bars and over 300 beers. From mountainside to Munich beer festival. From wine to waterways and lakes.

From Spas to Skiing from mainland to Islands – whether modern or historical – Germany offers so much for your meetings, incentives, conferences and other events.

Germany offers scale, variety, value (especially in Berlin) and more culture than you could cover in a lifetime.

This is a country of books – storybook picturesque towns and villages and, so appropriately for a land of poets and thinkers, Europe’s largest publisher.

Add over 20,000 castles, streets first laid before Columbus took

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