Why Russia?

Awesomely vast, diverse, different with so much on a grand scale – this is Russia; a land that impresses.

Spanning two continents and almost a dozen time zones Russia is the world’s largest country. One lake alone contains a fifth of the world’s fresh water – Lake Bailkal (The Pearl of

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“Ones destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things” Henry Miller.

Moscow is one of the world’s great cities. A city that immediately conjures images and opinions – possibly outdated! While Moscow is still a city of power, art, culture and history its modern reality is that of an explosion of liberal creativity and wealth. Moscow is now home to, possibly, more billionaires than any other city. 

Moscow’s night life is vibrant and evolving. Come to Moscow and explore underground blues clubs or exclusive nightclubs.  Join the foodies in wine bars, bohemian art cafes or try

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St Petersburg


‘Behold the image sit and ride, upon his brazen horse astride.’ (Pushkin)

For over 230 years The Bronze Horseman has been yet another tribute to St Petersburg’s incredible founder – Peter The Great. Peter The Great founded a city as big and diverse as he was himself.

Peter stood over seven feet tall and was a master craftsmen in 14 trades. As a young teenager he chose to labour in Holland’s shipyards. To size and skilled crafts he added the pursuit of culture – ballet, opera and theatre. In many ways St Petersburg is a reflection of his interests …..

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