Why Turkey?

Tantalise your senses in Turkey’s two continents! Meet in Istanbul where Europe and Asia become one vibrant exotic mix of cultures, colour, tastes and scents. Alternatively experience the magic of Cappadocia 5* “cave” hotels set in wild lunar landscapes or try the sea air in Antalya.

Turkey a land of

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Antalya where you may swim in the morning and ski in the afternoon or explore the underground beauty of the caves and cascading waterfalls or simply admire the old cities fluted minarets while you soak up sun and refreshing drinks.

Amazing for your Events, Antalya inspires. Anatolia – birthplace of wine still creates fine wines and local wines make great company for Amazing Turkish dishes and the wonderful range of international cuisines readily available in Antalya.

Ancient architecture from bygone civilisations, theatres for thousands with perfect Acoustics after near 2,000 years.

Azure seas, beautiful scenery and nearby sandy beaches.

All matched by ample

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If Cappadocia had been invented by a Sci-Fi producer their imagination would surely win an Oscar. However this lunar landscape of limestone chimneys and fairy mushrooms resulted from volcanic activity many ages ago. 

Experience Cappadocia at sunrise from a hot air balloon and watch the light steal across this wondrous mountain area as it slowly lights mountain top, cliff face and the valleys and ravines below. Explore and shop in underground cities and luxuriate in the 5* comfort of modern hotels that blend into mountainsides.

Centuries ago Cappadocia’s underground cities, churches and homes provided shelter for the persecuted. Nowadays Cappadocia is a

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Istanbul is a rich melting pot of cultures where West and East converge on the banks of the Bosphorus so making Istanbul an ideal exotic location for any Meeting,  Incentive, conference or other Event.

Istanbul pulsates with life, colour and the scent of spices. In Istanbul you can dine, party or explore in so many ways that the choices seem endless.  And g2o DMC is your ideal partner to Destination Manage your exploration of Istanbul.

Enjoy Gala and informal dinners in palaces, afloat, in mid river, inside the Spice Market or underground in giant, ancient, water cisterns; alternatively be more conventional – the choice is yours.

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