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Check out Krakow & Warsaw – “Polished” Incentives!

Warsaw is the „phoenix” of Europe, a city that has literally risen from ashes, completely destroyed during WWII and later meticulously rebuilt.

Warsaw is now one of the quirkiest capitals you could ever imagine.  This new cosmopolitan heart of Central Europe is a perfect symbol of history – through renaissance architecture, modernism, Soviet-era concrete to modern skyscrapers, the city has seen it all and is now the most architecturally diverse city in Europe.

Whether you’re looking for a party on the beach, great pub crawl, vodka tasting, historical sightseeing or a DJ party on the 40th floor of Marriott Hotel – it is all there for you!

Simply download the pdf file below to view Poland Concept DMC Incentive Experiences

Warsaw, Poland Sample Incentive Programme


Krakow, one of the top destinations recommended by Lonely Planet and is definitely the most popular tourist destination in Poland.  Its artsy, colourful and vivid Old Town is easy to fall in love with at the first sight.

Krakow was the capital of Poland until the 15th century and the seat of Polish kings – the Wawel castle is a great historical landmark. Kraków has survived both World Wars without any major damage and presents some of the finest examples of Renaissance architecture. It has the biggest Market Square in Europe.

Krakow has an extensive Jewish heritage – make sure to visit the Kazimierz district just a few steps away from the Old Town. Narrow cobbled stone streets, synagogues and cosy cafes will take you back in time to the Bohemian era of Kraków.

Simply download the pdf file below to view Poland Concept DMC Incentive Experiences

Krakow, Poland Sample Incentive Programme