About albamy DMC

“Purpose is the reason that you journey. Passion is the fire that lights your way.” (Billycox.com).

At albamy we are passionate about your events. So let us light your way in organising memorable events in Germany.

Part of our Passion In creating albamy DMC was to reflect who we are, our creativity & originality and that creating our own company was a new beginning. A fresh new dawn.  Hence our name albamy.

Alba is Latin for dawn or sunrise and our company is My Dawn, well almost, as Albamy sounds better than myalba.

And like the German proverb Morgenstund hat Gold im Mund (The

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Why albamy DMC?

Like the German proverb Morgenstund hat Gold im Mund (The morning hour has gold in its mouth) our “My Dawn” will enrich your events with our golden beginning.

albamy’s provides DMC services which combine Germany efficiency, Italian flair and Swedish cool topped off a world of experience.

Joint managing directors Michele and Stephanie offer worldwide MICE experience. Micheles’ roots are in Italy and Stephanie’s in Sweden while their MICE careers have taken them to different continents, many countries and finally into Germany.


Why Germany?

From Baltic beaches to Berlin bars and over 300 beers. From mountainside to Munich beer festival. From wine to waterways and lakes.

From Spas to Skiing from mainland to Islands – whether modern or historical – Germany offers so much for your meetings, incentives, conferences and other events.

Germany offers scale, variety, value (especially in Berlin) and more culture than you could cover in a lifetime.

This is a country of books – storybook picturesque towns and villages and, so appropriately for a land of poets and thinkers, Europe’s largest publisher.

Add over 20,000 castles, streets first laid before Columbus took

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