About Russian Fairytale

Fairytales are magical make believe and at Russian Fairytales we believe in making magical events. We are Russian Fairytales DMC because the best of MICE experiences and Fairytales share something – happy endings and dreams made true.

Why Russian Fairtale?

We are Russian Fairytale as our business is the realisation of our dream following many years in MICE. And, of course, in St Petersburg have a dream destination of golden domes, castles, bridges and rivers to inspire our work.

Russian Fairytale ensure that your Incentives result in happy, motivated, high achievers whose dreams have been realised and that your other Events run like a dream. 

At Russian Fairytale we focus especially on the C in MICE. We believe in Communication Care and Creativity. 

We Communicate to meet your needs and we are qualified in Communication. We speak our client’s languages be

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Why Russia?

Awesomely vast, diverse, different with so much on a grand scale – this is Russia; a land that impresses.

Spanning two continents and almost a dozen time zones Russia is the world’s largest country. One lake alone contains a fifth of the world’s fresh water – Lake Bailkal (The Pearl of Siberia) is the oldest, clearest and deepest lake on the planet.

Russia is also home to the world’s second largest geyser field, rivers and forests filled with wildlife, impressive mountains, a museum with over 3 million items and so so much more.

This is the land of onion domes, exciting

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Our Destinations

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