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LisbonLisbon – was Lisbon founded by Ulysses during his Odyssey!!! Well according to Greek legend it was.

Since then many empires, travelers and ethnic groups have occupied Lisbon leaving behind memories of their times in the Portuguese traditions, culture, cuisine and buildings.

Lisbon: Small but beautiful evolved, modern but rooted in past traditions and former cultures, vibrant, exciting yet so relaxing. An enchanting city of differences that make a positive difference to Meetings, Incentives and Conferences.

Lisbon is a city of wonderful light, hot in summer and warm in winter and encompassing steep hillsides above and around the city centre.

Wander windy narrow streets in the old quarters, climb steep hills for spectacular views, listen to the “villagers” of Alfama gossip over wine in restaurants, in cafes or at the delightful bakeries while the music of Fado provides an emotional backdrop.

Spend time choosing which of 101 cod recipes to try or party until dawn in nightclubs.

And there is so much more to enjoy on land, sea and nearby beach.

One thing is certain you will be warmly welcomed as the Portuguese are famed above most all countries for welcoming foreign visitors.