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MaderiaMadeira – discovered by accident six centuries ago was found to be such a green paradise early settlers named the first children born there Adam and Eve!!

Madeira is an island of eternal Spring/Summer and an open greenhouse for plant life from the world’s tropical and subtropical regions.

Add stunning mountain and cliff coast scenery, some great golden beaches, year round warm seas, cosmopolitan Funchal and a raft of physical activities and you have an enchanting “warm” incentive destination all year round.

Just driving around Madeira’s coastal cliff’s and under mountain waterfalls adds spice to exploring the island. For extra adrenaline you can try big game fishing, canyoning, surfing, sailing, diving and more. Canyoning is a little extreme. Starting high up in the mountains and following a river course to the sea, abseiling down ravines, climbing, swimming and paddling as you flow with the water down to the sea.

Madeira’s subtropical climate produces a wealth of fresh foods – spices, fish, fruits, wine and more so wining and dining is a great pleasure.

Madeira is a little too elegant to be a “party” island but the celebrations connected to the production of cherries, onions, wine and more along with fiestas and carnivals give many opportunities to eat, drink and dance nights away.

You can stay in boutique and modern hotels, the old world elegance of Reids, five star hotels and more out of the way resort hotels.