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Was Harry Potter born in Porto!!!! Maybe not born but created.

J K Rowling lived for a time in Porto, teaching English, soaking up café life and exploring while she wrote Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone.

The amazing atmosphere of this beautiful magical city creates so many impressions that you will leave spellbound. 

Porto is a tumble of colours, buildings appear to pile up hillsides, narrow alleys and mysterious stairways that disappear as if by magic. 

Porto, when viewed from across the Rio Douro at sunset, is a romantic, captivating city that seems to have been created by a wizard whose spell was not quite right – or by a pop up artist. Imagine medieval relics jostling next to, or seeming on top of, beaux arts buildings whose skyline is pierced by the bell towers of magnificent baroque churches. 

But Porto has many other sides!! 

The Porto of Parties: A city of riverside wine caves, new restaurants and music venues that feature many of the world’s top rock, jazz and electronic artists. Imagine the Buzz of Porto’s Plazas on warm nights, wine, great cuisine and party music. 

And the Porto of Renewal: Porto’s Metro is modern and efficient and Álvaro Siza Vieira’s Museum of Contempory Art  along with the Casa da Musica add bright contrast to older architecture such as Eiffel’s bridge.

And there is the Porto of Rio Douro with beautiful up river hillsides rich with wineries.

Finally Buzz will add their special magic to your incentives and other events.