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In the A to Z list of ski destinations has the best been saved till last. Zermatt! 

Zermatt, unique in the world, a place never to be forgotten! A place that meets the price of peace and sustainability in that cars are banned.

Travel to Zermatt by train from Taesch and travel in Zermatt on foot, by ski or in horse-drawn carriages or electric vehicles.

Zermatt renowned not only for the beauty of its setting, delightful architecture and friendly people but for excellent cuisine and outstanding hotels and the legendary Matterhorn.

What better way to enjoy your Event in Zermatt than ensure you have the best welcome in Switzerland – Welcome Swiss.

The Matterhorn is a mountaineers’ magnet and those who cannot hope to climb to the 14,500 foot high rocky summit can join lesser mortals in skiing, hiking and other activities. If you love the harmony between mankind and nature and if a high-alpine landscape means something to you, then you have come to exactly the right place even if it is at the end of the skiing alphabet.

Zermatt has the highest all year round skiing area of the Alps. The cableways and six ski lifts on the glacier are working all the year round and ski & snowboard schools offer private classes for all levels.