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Tales From My Indian Fam – Jaipur Day 4

Feeling so spoiled waking up to beautiful views, dozens of birds singing and the prospect of another day exploring Jaipur. And of course more delightful food starting with, of course, an Indian breakfast.

And Gill was feeling so jealous – having watched Marigold Hotel she really wanted to see Jaipur – so I will go back with Gill and cannot think of a better place to stay.

Well I can, it would be the Shahi Mahal suite in Raj Palace – but as the world’s most expensive suite just a little outside our budget.

With a forecast high end 40’s our visit to The Palace of The Winds & Observatory was a weather casualty. Too much time in the open in this heat was even beyond “mad dogs and Englishmen”.

But we still had the City tour, City Palace, Raj Palace Hotel (and that the billionaires’ Shahi Mahal suite) plus jewellery shopping.

The Maharajah of Jaipur’s family seat, the City Palace is a superb venue. Still home to the Maharajah and family and housing some amazing sights. Aside from the family’s room the Palace (there are actually several on site) are open to the public. My favourite views were the world’s largest Lalique table and the mirror room.

But it was our entrance through the Maharajah’s private entrance that was the most impressive. Priya Saighul of Tappas certainly has the “right” connections. Our driver was convinced he would be arrested if he drove up to the Maharajah’s entrance. But he was not.

And next was the Raj Palace Hotel and lunch.

Raj Palace is hotel, history and an amazing gala dinner venue all rolled into one.

Raj Palace was a former Maharajah’s palace, over 250 years ago, and is now one of the world’s most impressive Heritage Hotels. The hotel retains its historical decorations and more. Authentic even down to the gold leaf decorated walls of one suite.

Of course, there are changes, some suites provide private pools, cinema and gym!!

Finally, before our flight to Delhi – some jewellery shopping. I had thought “not for me” – what a mistake. I was “foolish” enough to look and saw something that would go so well with Gill’s jewellery and of course it made up for leaving her minding the office while I enjoyed India.

And so on to Delhi, but a swift show round Marriott Jaipur.

GoIndia is an experience in all that Easyjet and Ryanair could be. Highly personable professional cabin crew, wide bodied jets, good seat room and we left and landed on time.