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Antalya where you may swim in the morning and ski in the afternoon or explore the underground beauty of the caves and cascading waterfalls or simply admire the old cities fluted minarets while you soak up sun and refreshing drinks.

Amazing for your Events, Antalya inspires. Anatolia – birthplace of wine still creates fine wines and local wines make great company for Amazing Turkish dishes and the wonderful range of international cuisines readily available in Antalya.

Ancient architecture from bygone civilisations, theatres for thousands with perfect Acoustics after near 2,000 years.

Azure seas, beautiful scenery and nearby sandy beaches.

All matched by ample 5 star hotels with conference facilities to host over 1,000.

Alexander The Great, Apollo’s Temple, Byzantines and more have left their legends and buildings and ruins in and near Antalya.

April and May the air fills with flowers sweet perfumes and the climate produces an abundance of local fruit and vegetable that form the base of local cuisine.

Add winter Mediterranean warmth and summer and winter sports and you have a great destination for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and other Events.

Legend has it that wine began its wonderful journey around the world from this region. Many countries lay similar claim. However, Turkey claims are based on the oldest ancient manuscripts, almost 7,000 years old, referring to wine, along with scientific evidence that has genetically traced modern grapes varieties back to Turkey.