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Wroclaw’s Wonder Water World

“The bronze dwarfs give you the first clue that Wroclaw is no ordinary city. They lurk all over the place, carousing outside pubs, snoring at the doors of hotels, peeking out from behind the bars of the old city jail.” David Hewson

Wroclaw has been washed and rewashed by the warring tides of European history and has belonged to many nations/empires.

Despite that Wroclaw, once described as “the holy blossom of Europe, a beautiful gem among cities”, (source unknown), the city still blossoms. Perhaps the most appropriate blossom would be a lotus flower, beautiful, exotic and water borne. Wroclaw from a boat’s deck appears to be a lotus city, a flower floating on water.

Wroclaw is worth the visit just for its setting and picturesque buildings. However, it is also a party/nightlife city, fuelled by a large student population, a foodies’ city and a place of elegant shops and great entertainment.

Hardly surprising it is European Capital of Culture 2016. It is also a great MICE destination.

And for incentive travel groups that have 4 or more days it pairs well with Prague. Poland Concept DMC can make the road trip to Prague fun – a drive into the mountains, lunch, an activity and on to Prague for a one or two night stay.

And here is a small sample of activities Poland Concept DMC can provide:

Discovering the city of 100 bridges – cruise on Odra river

  • Gondola Lift ride in Wrocław Riese Project
  • Discovering hidden bunkers and Hitler’s HQ around Wroclaw
  • Quads Adventure in the Owl Mountains – visit to the Książ Castle
  • Wineworkshops at Adoria Vineyard
  • Prague on segways – get to know the charm of the Czech capital